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Disney Princess Mash-up

by Gina, Sophia, Sandy

[담당교사 : 이향규]

4월 이향규 원장님 수업 시간에 촬영한

인형극 영상과 준비 과정을 공개합니다.

디즈니의 고전인 여러 가지 Princess 이야기들을

더하고 섞어서 새로운 스토리로 재탄생 시켰습니다.

스토리를 구성하고 또 영어로 스크립트를 만드느라

각자의 작품을 만드는데 적지 않은 시간이 걸렸습니다.

각각의 개별 작품이 더 돋보일 수 있도록

함께 준비하고 서로 도와주는 모습이 매우 멋지게 보입니다.




[Gina's Story]

[Sophia's Story]

[Sandy's Story]

[Sandy's Script]

One day, Mulan’s mother kicked her out

because she became more and more beautiful, much prettier than her mother.

So Mulan was so worried. Later, she found a little house in the forest, but nobody was in the house.

She went inside the house. It was so small. She was so sleepy so she went to sleep on the biggest bed.

One hour later, she heard some music, so she woke up. Some dwarfs opened the door.

They were surprised. Mulan told why she was there. So Mulan could live in the dwarfs’ house.

Next day, a strange old woman came to their house. Mulan bought an apple and ate the apple.

A few minute later, she felt bad. Then she fell asleep deeply. Dwarfs came back home, and they saw Mulan.

They thought Mulan died. So they put her on the bed.

100 years later, she still hasn’t woken up. So her hair was so long.

One day, a frog saw her beautiful hair. So he followed the hair.

There was a beautiful princess slept on the bed! The frog fell in love with her. So he kissed her.

The princess woke up and the frog changed to a handsome prince. She fell in love with him. So they got married. They lived in a very quiet and tall castle. And they used her long hair instead of the rope.